Away From Home Inspections

This weeks blog post is about when you are leaving for vacation or when you are a part time resident. A national program called Away From Home Inspections. This is a simple and easy piece of mind inspection. Away from home inspections is when you hire a licensed inspector to inspect your home when you are away. The inspection process is not limited to a particular mole. The inspector and the client agree on when the place will be inspected, what will be inspected and how often it will be inspected.

So for example the client may want the house inspected every 3 weeks. The inspector may come in to your home, check all the plumbing and flush the toilets, run the sinks to rid of any odor. Then from there check the windows and doors to make sure they are locked and no broken glass. Check the electric and maybe a lamp. Lastly, it maybe a walk around the home to check the grounds. If the client has a landscaper then this is a good time to see if they are doing their jobs correctly. Now this may sound alot but depending upon the frequency of the inspection the charges can range from $25-$75.00. So while your away its best advice to have an away from home inspection.

To learn more visit our website at; or call anytime at 352-322-2700.

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About Emerald Inspection Service

Emerald Inspection Service, LLC, is the premier inspection service for West and Central Florida. An affordable and buyers choice licensed and insured home inspection company. We are licensed radon measurement technician with The Florida Department of Health. Additionally we are certified, for mold inspections, construction compliance inspections, wind mitigation inspection, air quality testing, log cabin inspections, 4 - Point Inspection, well water testing and Roof Certifications. Certified 203-K Consultant for HUD and FHA construction loans. We also offer other services as well. Check the services page to find out more. From the city condo to the country home, the mobile home, town-homes and commercial properties, we will inspect every property with the precise and thorough details of your home or business. On-site reporting delivered to your inbox once the inspection process is completed. Licensed Radon Measurement Technician, Certified Mold Inspector, and Certified Log Cabin Inspector. 844-RADON-40 (723-6640) or 352-322-2700

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